Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

I had such a lovely time yesterday as the special guest for the Annual Mother's Day Tea at the Summerland Library.

I have loved moving from the big prairie city to a small town. It's so nice to recognize new friends on the street every day and feel like you know everyone. I planned a fun little Mother's Day craft for the kids and mom's and it turned out quite well.

The moms got involved in the stitching for the very little kids and the kids 7 and up did the stitching quite well. Each mom went home with a ruches flower in a soft floral batik.

I've had a few requests since posting this photo on Facebook, so I'll make a ruched flower for one of my 52 Weeks of Fibre Art videos - maybe next week. Here's a lovely shot of yours truly and my wonderful illustrator Marcia Stacy. She is such a sweetheart and blew my expectations out of the water with her watercolour illustrations for the book.

It's tempting to say that my favourite thing about Mother's Day is bacon as the smell fills my house as I write this, but there are so many other things better than food. Snuggles for one - I love the soft whisper of a child's voice waking me up to the first round of snuggles. Bar none, that's my favourite thing about Mother's Day, and every other day for that matter. Next, I love the surprises. At this stage in my son's life, there's often a gigantic poster-sized card, a bouquet of flowers or a potted pant, and a gift that he picked out himself. But today he went above and beyond by hand pulling bolts of fabric off the shelf at the local quilt shop and having them cut and packaged in a little adorable bundle.

What are we going to make together!? I've deduced that we are going for a picnic at Fintry where there is a waterfall which is another one of my favourite things.

But before I sign off as the boys are urging me out the door (I've been lazing around writing this post for hours now...) I just want to say that beyond the snuggles, my favourite thing about Mother's Day is my mom! Love you mom. You are sweet, strong, sensible and hilarious. And you've instilled a bunch of that in me. Thanks darling! Love you, love you!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Mother's Day!

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