Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 37 of 42

OK, no new fibre art to speak of today except I am madly beading to get ready for the show this weekend in Beausejour. So I'll post a little poem from random words. I am going to ask my husband for 5 random words...I should have known he'd try to stump me with awkward man words.

first CATCH
thin shimmering scales
tiny and delicate
drying to a thin clear cement
where the HOSE missed

it would take a TRACTOR
to pull that pup all paws in the lake
from his frozen stance
glare towering over
the chain latched FISH

the stone GROUND knife glistens
a light handsome whistle drifts
on a breeze to the cottage
to the crumbs and spice
and softened garlic butter

I love you honey! Thanks for the 5 words. I can't wait for the first fresh catch of the season!

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