Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tracking Triple Seven - A Novel

What a fantastic book! I read this young adult novel by Jamie Bastedo over the last few days on a recommendation from a YA Fiction teacher named Anita Daher whom I met last week at the School of Writing at the CMU. She also has her own book that I love for teens called Spider's Song. We had a discussion about writing a book with two protagonists, one a human and the other an animal. She recommended Tracking Triple Seven and it was a lightning fast read. I was so pulled by the adventure that I could hardly put it down. It followed a tale of a young boy, the son of a diamond mine owner and a grizzly bear mother fiercely protecting her tiny cubs. Keep in mind it is a fiction for teens, but it was very engaging, especially if you want to write in that genre.

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  1. Hi Brandy,
    So glad to hear your CMW writer's workshop week proved so beneficial. Sounds like you enjoyed every minute of it. I too have read Anita Daher, and have a signed copy of Spider's Song. Isn't it great. (I'm now saving all my YA novels to pass along to the grandkids when they're old enough:-)
    I'm enjoying following your blog. Happy writing.