Sunday, March 17, 2013

Winter in Winnipeg!

I am so excited to be teaching in Winnipeg, MB in just 10 days. I was born and raised, lived there 4 decades until just 2 years ago when we moved to BC. I'm so excited to see all of my family and friends again. I'm not even sure if this is a shot of a variety of the Manitoba crocus flower, but it is a photo of a gorgeous flower that I took myself when I lived there!

My itinerary is packed for 10 days - I'll be teaching 3 workshops, visiting friends and family, hitting my favorite restaurants and even catching an old school Bon Jovi concert!

Here's what I'll be teaching:
Inksations Workshop in Morden, MB on Saturday March 30th
Inksations Workshop for Manitoba Prairie Quilters (MPQ) April 6th
Black Sheep Block Party Workshop for MPQ on April 7th

Black Sheep Block Party is a brand new class I designed at the request of the MPQ guild so I haven't even blogged about it or finished the pattern yet, so here's a couple quick snapshots...

It is such a great project because students get to pick 15 different fabrics. You basically need 5 fabric colours in 3 values plus a border fabric, so the shopping for this class is so fun.

The countdown is on for Winnipeg and I am trying to figure out how I'll fit everything into my luggage.  I'm pretty sure I'll have to dig out some warm winter clothes! The best part of the whole trip is that I'll be cuddling a few new babies that were born in the last two years. I can't wait - and of course I have a quilt for each one of them! I have a baby niece, a baby great niece and a close friend's baby boy! I can't show the quilts of course, until after I give them away.

If you think you'd like to book a workshop in your area or purchase the Inksations Table Runner & Silk Screen Kit, check out the Brandy Lynn Designs website or just leave me a comment. Let's see if can make it happen!

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  1. Know you will have tons of fun and what a great schedule... glad you will get some family and friend visiting time in!