Saturday, March 30, 2013

Morden Workshop

I had so much fun teaching the Inksations class in Morden today with the Quilter's Den. Judging from the gorgeous quilts adorning the walls of the Quilter's Den, that town has some talent. I hadn't been in the shop since it came under new ownership a few years ago. The previous owner had excellent customer service with a very lovely traditional aesthetic. The new owner, Alvina has given the shop a serious makeover and embraced the modern trends in the quilting industry. It is clean, fresh and inviting and a great new destination for Manitoba quilters. There's more to Morden than corn and apples!

Here are a few shots of fabulous toppers finished by the students in the class. I'll say it again and again - I love seeing the fabrics that the students choose to bring to class.

Looking forward to a fabulous week of seeing family and friends and then two more days of teaching at the 30th Anniversary Event for the Manitoba Prairie Quilters.

Happy Easter everyone!


  1. When I first started reading this I was hoping that shop was close to us. Sigh......

    1. Hi Carla, sorry, no, I am teaching far, far away in Manitoba. This shop has a very similar fresh appeal to Katja's in Kamloops but on a much smaller scale. That's probably why I love it so much!