Monday, March 25, 2013

Appliquéd Cherries

The cherries are going brilliantly! I was surprised that the hand of the fabric with light body acrylic paint was quite nice. I did not use fabric paint or medium, but I did moisten the cloth before painting for a softened effect. They are slightly wrinkled at the moment due to rolling and travelling with the quilt, but I will iron the entire quilt with steam to flatten it before more quilting.

I decided to attach the hand painted leaves and cherries with invisible thread and a machine quilted stitch rather than hand appliqué. I tested them both out on samples. It's always a balance between the beauty and hidden quality of the hand stitch and the speed of the machine stitch. This time the machine stitch won out because you can hardly see it on the hand painted fabric and I attached everything on a 15" x 40" quilt in less than 3 hours. 

Still to come:
1. Some tiny stipple quilting on the white background. 
2. Machine appliqué veins on the leaves. 
3. Shiva paint stick shadow painting on the leaves.
4. Square and face the quilt to finish the edges. 
5. Label - of course! (You know how adamant I am about labels!)

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