Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Teacher's Gift

Despite the craziness of getting ready for our first big camping weekend of the summer AND the upcoming launch of my new Canadian Quilt Talk podcast, we set aside the time to make a special gift for Gavin's grade 5 teacher. He drew up a special flower and a little good-bye. His colours were so beautiful and he wrote LOVE Gavin which was so sweet. I printed it on fabric and made a quick little 5" x 6" wall hanging. Once we had his art transferred onto the fabric, the rest only took about 15 minutes. The little hanging rope is a hand woven yarn that I've braided for thickness and so she can hang it anywhere her heart desires. 

When it comes to teachers - they work so hard, bring so much joy and really shape our kids' lives for a good part of the year. They just deserve a special thank you. We are so happy to have had a stellar teacher this year. I mean, just stellar. You know it when you meet someone who is just a good, good person. You can see it in their eyes. 

Thank you Ms. Thorp. You have made grade 5 Gavin's best year of school yet. Before our very eyes you've built him up for success in years to come. You are truly a gem. 

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