Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Brandy Lynn Designs Newsletter

Hi Everyone,

I just wrote my very first newsletter on Mail Chimp. It was very easy and pretty fun actually. I sent it out to a few close people for review and it will go out to the masses later today! Topics included the new podcast, of course, a few patterns available and a HUGE THANK YOU to every one of you who has signed up to be on my contact list. I am so tickled that you care about what I have to say every single week!

So if you like my blog, but have never opted in to my newsletter I've just added a brand new subscribe button. Look to the right and you can't miss the giant grey button. Sign up to hear the latest news. For instance, on the blog we've just jumped up to 99 followers! It's not a million, but I love them all and when I reach 100 there will be a wee bit of a celebration, so tell your friends! I'll do a random draw of all of my blog followers to win a copy of my brand new Black Sheep Block Party pattern before it is even released in stores!

I laughed so hard working in MailChimp to design the newsletter. I found that I can opt out of having the Mail Chimp icon on my newsletter. The funny part was that it was called the Party Pooper opt out. I thought that was so hilarious that I left the Mail Chimp there. I think they deserve to advertise on my newsletter because I am using the free Mail Chimp service and it's so easy and fun. More to come next week!

Be sure to sign up for the all new Brandy Lynn Designs Newsletter! 

Happy Canada Day weekend everyone!

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