Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tuesday Preview - CQT Episode 10

Welcome to the Tuesday Preview. We are into the double digits with episode 10 and I'm so excited to be introducing SAQA this week on Canadian Quilt Talk. Have you ever heard of Studio Art Quilt Associates? Well, listen in as I chat with Martha Sielman, Executive Director of SAQA and you'll find out what the organization is all about, how Canadians are involved and all about their latest big online auction event.  

Canadian Quilt Talk Episode 10 - Studio Art Quilt Associates!

We also have a winner for this week's Quilter's Corner -  Betty McConnell!
Congratulations Betty ! You win a copy of Portfolio 19 - The Art Quilt Sourcebook provided by SAQA.

Haven't had the gumption to send in your story? Don't be shy! I love hearing your stories and so does everyone else. Send in a short quilting or fibre art story under 200 words and you could win our weekly prize. 

As always, at the end of this week's episode, I offer up MY TWO STITCHES on SAQA. I'm a very recent member so I'm learning about it just the same as you.

Here's a link to their latest online event: 

K. Velis Turan - Intersections 3
Support the art quilt - bid early and often in SAQA's 2013 Benefit Auction! http://www.saqa.com/gallery-mini-detail.php?ID=2379

And finally, the big news at Canadian Quilt Talk . . . 

394 LIKES on Facebook and climbing! That is so exciting - You guys rock! When we hit 500 we are going to have an online party! Go to the CQT Facebook page to check it out and be sure to like us if you haven't already!

Until next time . . . dream big and work hard in the studio . . . with Canadian Quilt Talk!

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