Monday, May 27, 2013

The CQA Workshops 2013

I just loved the 2 workshops I took while attending Quilt BC in Penticton.

The first was called Inspired by Travel with Margie Davidson. (Margie was honoured with Teacher of the Year at the Conference.) It was a 2 day workshop with photos of her travels. We carved wooden stamps, and created our own stamps on day one. Then on day two we were stitching with plenty more inspiring travel photos and videos from her trip to India. It really makes you appreciate the hand made batik fabrics and the incredible hand stitching that the ladies in the village are capable of.


The next workshop was called Take a Leaf by Judy Farrow. Another inspiring teacher with some creative ideas. We played with a few techniques to make embellished leaves and incorporate them into a quilt. I loved using the burning tool a little too much considering my past career as a firefighter!

After the intensive judging course for the first 3 days it was a joy to take classes that were just pure play time. I enjoyed every last minute of the conference and can't wait to see what's up for CQA 2014.

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  1. These workshops sound great! Makes me want to dig out my wood-burner that hasn't been used in years. Love those leaves.