Thursday, July 4, 2013

Heather Lair - A Canadian Quilting Treasure

I am still in shock and deeply saddened to write this post. Heather Lair, one of Canada's most treasured Quilters and Fibre Artists has passed away. In my life she was a gem. She was a friend, a teacher and an incredible mentor. Her kind words and supportive demeanor lifted my spirit on so many occasions. She always left me feeling as if I could take on the world.

This photo below after my very first trunk show was taken with a quilt I made in her class called "Colours of Nebula." I chose this quilt for that photo because Heather told me that I shouldn't worry about whether I'd done a trunk show before or whether anyone would hire me. I should just phone until I find a guild to let me do one. So I did my first lecture for free at a local quilt show and I've never looked back. Thank you Heather, that was stellar advice.

At Manitoba quilting events I gravitated to her side on so many occasions and marvelled at her stories of making quilts for movies and other private commissions. She was a true ambassador for quilting and she cherished every moment she spent with a quilt in her hands. I valued her humble and inspiring approach to teaching and admired the tenacity in her opinion that quilt teachers should be paid fairly. 

Here is a lovely post by another wonderful quilter named Heidi Hunter who knew Heather so well. Her words ring clear and true about such an incredible woman who left us too soon. Heather, you will be missed dearly. I am so honoured to have been inspired by you in so many ways. 


  1. Oh my, I'm so sad to hear this news! I took a workshop with Heather last summer. It was fantastic and so was she! Shock!

  2. Awe - I love what you wrote. A few bloggers wrote about her and the posts have been circulating on FB. I will let her daughter Emily know to come see what you wrote here. It's awesome!! My boys and I stayed at Heather's only 4 weeks prior to her death. (I'm in Saskatoon) We had talked on the net and lots on the phone for 3 yrs and then June 2013 was the first time we were together... and the last. It was the BEST experience ever - and YES oh my she is soo full of great and helpful tips on pretty much anything. : ) love her, always will.

    Her funeral is Tuesday night if you want to light a candle.

    Nice to find you!

    ~Monika K.

  3. Thank you for the kind words Monika. She was a true gem. I will light a candle and think of my favourite moments with her on Tuesday.