Thursday, July 4, 2013

LOL Episode 1 ... coming soon!

Hi Everyone!

Well, that didn't work! All that work getting the word out the first episode and now I'm putting you in suspense! I'm so excited to have such a huge jump in subscribers lately all awaiting my very first podcast. Well, with a few growing pains, my upload was crummy because I chose a live radio format rather than a pre-recorded download format. The 2 minute test promo worked so well, but not so good for a full podcast. We are not quite live just yet!

Having said that - thank you for your patience! The first episode will be aired ASAP. I'm working on the new platform and will send out a blog, tweets, FBook and more so you won't miss a thing. Fingers crossed for tomorrow!

For those of you about to send me a roast or toast to my little flub, bring it on! But also, thank you for your support! It's my fans, friends and colleagues that are the push behind making this happen. It's all a learning process and it only gets better from here.

In the meantime be sure to send me your ideas, stories and suggestions for the show through the contact me page on the Brandy Lynn Designs website. Stay tuned, there's some great content still to come....on Canadian Quilt Talk!

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