Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dogtown Coffee Company

I'm having so much fun in Dogtown! Last month I mounted a show of 20 fibre art pieces at the Dogtown Coffee Company in Okanagan Falls, BC and the feedback has been fabulous. Not only have I heard wonderful comments about my art, but people love the ambiance, style and food at Dogtown.

The shop has a nice flavour and such a cool concept. It is named Dogtown because that used to be the name of Okanagan Falls. What a great slice of history at the the heart of a new business. If you are fortunate enough to meet Corrie, the owner and her adorable family when you stop in, you'll know right away - they are just good people!

I was thrilled to learn that a piece of art sold within the first week and as you know from this blog post I had so much fun teaching the landscape class here. I took the short drive and rolled in there last week for a quiet afternoon to work and have a London Fog and I was enticed into buying a few gorgeous aprons for my sister and mom-in-law. They were just such nice colour combinations that I couldn't resist. Besides, birthdays are coming up.

Be sure to check it out if you are in and around town! It's a trendy new spot you'll be sure to love again and again.

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