Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Inksations! Silk Screen Table Runner.

I am so excited about my first quilting/fibre art pattern that I just have to give you another sneak peek. I've never been privy to the process of assembling a pattern or kit before and now that I'm doing it myself as a professional, I thought you might like to follow along. I first designed, wrote, and made samples for the pattern way back in January! I actually thought this would launch in April - what a giant learning curve! It's finally in the last stages of package assembly.

This pattern is a simple table runner with an added silk screen art element, so it actually comes assembled as a kit. Here's a shot of the first prep of the ink bottles before filling.

This was a hilarious process because I wanted a thicker ink for less seeping and ease of use because many quilters are new to screen printing. The difficulty was getting that thick ink out of the jug and into the bottles. I could turn that jug upside down and it wouldn't spill. It was that thick! I tried a syringe, a turkey baster, and finally settled on a cake decorating bag. It worked like a charm!

Here are the first 50 bottles filled and ready for labels. There are actually 4 components to the kit: The silk screen, the gold printing ink, the squeegee and the table runner pattern, of course. So here's a shot of the bags being filled. Shhh! They are not on the shelves just yet. 

Stay tuned for the launch! INKSATIONS - Screen Printed Table Runner will be available soon on my website and at local quilt shops in the Okanagan. Coming soon - the pattern and cover will be hot off the press!

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