Tuesday, July 17, 2012


This has nothing to do with quilting or fibre art, but I just had to post this cute little picture of my son about to enter the battle of the mosquitos. We've lived in the prairies our entire lives and just moved to BC about a year ago. Are we already acclimatized to no more mosquitos? You bet we are! We have had a few this year due to the rainy spring and when we did get a bite it was like a huge welt. Our bodies aren't used to it anymore.

Anyways, we've been joking/complaining about the mosquitos this year with the folks back home and they are giving us no sympathy. This is a shot of Gavin yesterday visiting family back home and they are about to go out raspberry picking. Not sure if the bugs are that bad, or if Geoffrey's making a statement about our newly acquired wimpiness!

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