Wednesday, July 18, 2012

YouTube schmootube!

Well here it is folks. . . my first blooper.

I pulled a 6 hour video shoot to create my first YouTube video as an added bonus tutorial for the upcoming release of my new pattern INKSATIONS - Silk Screen Table Runner. I'd show you the entire video, but it was such a hilarious comedy of errors that I have a bit of work to do to get it down to a G rating. There were some expletive deletives in between takes and rolling fits of laughter. I don't normally swear having a nine year-old, but my son is gone to visit family for a few weeks and I intend on taking massive action to get some work done launching this pattern. So while he's not here, I feel like I don't have to substitute words like SUGAR! anymore when I stub my toe and knock over the tripod!

Now a "6 hour video shoot" might sound like I have a crew and a producer, or at least someone to hold the camera and press start and stop, but no. . . my husband rigged up a tripod with several delicately placed clamps to hold my iPhone in place. It was just me and the camera and some Simpkins Tropical Fruit Travel Sweets which are soooo good. Check them out here. I pressed start and stop over and over running back and forth smiling, mostly laughing, and sometimes crying. . . just a bit.

Here's the clip - INKSATIONS - Silk Screen Table Runner

It's a raw cut of a few silly takes and I think I look just hilarious, but I have to start somewhere! 

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