Saturday, July 7, 2012

Charity Quilt (OK Falls) - Halloween Quilt Top

Here are some snapshots of a little pieced quilt top I created from the charity fabrics. It is such a cute Halloween print and it goes very well with the black and white scratchy star print.

Halloween Fabric
When quilting for charity, I try to maximize the bits of fabric that I receive. These 2 fabrics were larger than a fat quarter and when measured, they cut perfectly into 5" squares with very little waste. Piecing them in a checker board pattern creates a balanced children's quilt that features the main print fabric and is very easy to quilt with an all over design.

Toddler Charity Quilt
I have decided to only use fabrics that are donated so as my donation stash builds I'll be keeping an eye out for something that goes with this! Right now this quilt measures 30" x 30" so I'll be adding a few more borders to make it big enough for a toddler. The bulk of the fabrics were from a class taught in Okanagan Falls, BC, so that is where the charity quilt will be donated. 

If you are interested in donating your least favourite fabric (fat quarter or less) from your stash to my Charity Challenge, feel free to contact me through the Brandy Lynn Designs website. I donate the charity quilts to the communities that invite me to teach or speak because the students donate the fabric. The communities to receive the next few quilts will be Okangan Falls, BC, Prince George, BC, and Oliver BC. 

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