Friday, May 3, 2013

Cherries in July

Who remembers my painted Cherries from March 25th? I posted a sneak peek at the painted cherries and still had much work to do. Well, I'm finally done and it turned out quite nicely. Here's a detail shot of one of the larger cherries at the bottom with the can barely see the invisible stitch.

The next one is a detail shot of the smaller, distant cherries at the top. Here you can see the tiny white microstippling which firmly set the background and really made the painted fabrics pop. You can also see detail of the shiva paintsticks on the leaves that added much more depth and shadow. 

This third shot is the full piece called Cherries in July. It is slated for a multi-artist travelling show of calendar quilts by the Fabricators. It was a brilliant idea by one of our members to create an Okanagan Calendar of quilts. They are all the same size (15 x 40) - we each randomly drew a month - and, since there are 14 of us, there is also a cover and a back, so a nice sized show. 

If you are a gallery curator, or would like to book the Fabricators show for a quilting or art event in your area, just comment on this blog and we can connect privately. This show will be travelling for a period of up to two years starting this fall. I'll be sure to post photos of the full hanging show then.

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