Thursday, May 2, 2013

Student Feature - Joan Dupuis-Neal

In case you haven't noticed, it brings me copious amounts of joy to see my students thrive, have fun and create beautiful things, so every time I get an email with a finished quilt I literally do the happy dance around my house. The dog wonders what the heck is going on!

Here's a fantastic baby room wall quilt made by Joan Dupuis-Neal during my Black Sheep Block Party workshop recently in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

I absolutely love the final colour layout and how she created embroidered letters and numbers that line up perfectly with the angles. Her colour choices for the numbers from light mauve to blue, white and back to purple are very appealing to the eye. I love it when students take what they've learned in class and add their own personal skill and style to make it completely personalized. Great job Joan!

I find that students enjoy this class for the shopping experience first and foremost because they need to buy .2M of 15 different fabrics. It's so fun and the quilt shop owners have a blast helping them pick out 5 colours in 3 shades each. Then once they are in class, it's just play, play, play.

For more on the Brandy Lynn Designs line up of classes check out the workshops page on my website. I would love to come and teach at your guild and meet you in person!

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