Monday, May 6, 2013

The Mad Scramble

It's a good thing to be madly filling orders for Quilt Market in Portland, Oregon and the CQA Show in Penticton, British Columbia! That means my Inksations Pattern Kit may be turning some heads. This is all so exciting! If you think being a pattern designer is all glamourous, check out the process for filling bottles with screen printing ink. It's all about getting your hands dirty!

I can't wait to participate big time in Quilt BC! I'll be taking my Quilt Judging Certification Programme (QJCP) class for 3 days while hosting a fellow student in my home and then 2 other exciting classes by Margie Davidson and Judy Farrow. 

My heart goes out to Libby Lehman and I wish her a speedy recovery. She was booked as the talented headliner for Quilt BC with the keynote lecture, the head judging role and teaching 3 days of classes until she suffered a brain aneurism and subsequent stroke last week. Everyone here at Brandy Lynn Designs wishes her all the best. And hats off to the CQA Board and the Quilt BC local committee for filling in the gaps with some stellar Canadian talent. 

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