Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 12 of 42

There's something that happens inside you when you are inspired. It can be a second take, a moment of disbelief, a feeling of guilt or even just a whimsical feeling that lasts all day. But today I had a feeling that what I do, that is, what I am passionate about, can be more than a hobby. More than a side line to my regular job. It can be more than just a long-lived hope that one day I'll do what I love. Today I was inspired by the trunk show of Pippa Moore and her African quilts. Her amazing story was a heartwarming and very humble account of how to the world she is only one woman, but to those few African women, she is the world. It reminded me of a brief email acquaintance I had last year in quiltmaker and teacher Sharon Pederson. She told me that I should assume that I am a quilt artist and then act as if I already am one. Then I told her she was pure sweetness.

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