Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 6 of 42

Again I had a pretty lazy morning. But I'm still feeling inspired lately in general. I made some fresh corn bread with breakfast, but otherwise just puttered around trying to get some things done. My son and I went to a local art studio at noon for an Easter event and had so much fun. We did Pysanka which means we wrote with wax on eggs and dipped them in dye between layers of writing with the wax. It was very cool. The video they showed was very traditional Ukrainian methods and designs. But working with a 7 year old and an open flame, we had fun with circles, squiggles, scribbles and it turned out very nicely. It was very satisfying to warm the final wax coat and rub it off to see how the colors turned out. After that we went to a delicious family dinner and now it's time to prepare for the crazy Easter egg scavenger hunt tomorrow morning. I mean, by going to bed early of course! The Easter Bunny will do the rest!

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