Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 21 of 42

This is the first day that Gavin finally gets to sleep with his froggy quilt! He has been waiting so patiently for soooo long. So he's just loving it! He saw it all through the stages of the paper pieced frogs, the blocks, the pieced top, and then finally the quilted frogs. Then he had to wait to use it until after the quilt show. He was cute at the show because he found all of my quilts and all of Babcia's and we had to vote for viewer's choice. We walked through the entire show and he picked an adorable little Halloween quilt. I jokingly asked him "Why didn't you pick your froggy quilt that I made especially for you to go with Boomer?"(that's a gigantic frog that he sleeps with) and he said, "Why would I vote for that quilt? It's already mine." Then of course, I had to go on and explain to him that voting for something doesn't mean you get to keep it. I think he thought it was kind of like an auction. Well, here's a quick snapshot of Gavin with Boomer and the first night sleeping with the Froggy quilt.

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