Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 33 of 42

Today I am going to do another little writing exercise. This one is for my friend Josie who has started following my blog and she is a fellow writer. We had a nice dinner together last week and she reminded me of this fun little exercise. You take some random words and use them in a poem or write some quick flash fiction. It's very fun.
If I close my eyes my dreams come true. I can see the last thread pulling through the fabric or the glory of a new found color scheme. I can feel my face cheek to cheek with a true friend at my solo art show. I can touch the pages of my manuscript in a rush of negotiation with a brilliant editor. Simply put, eyes closed, I can see my life in perfect detail. I can even RECALL what life was like before I broke away. I look back and see a thick CRUST of weary people with STUBBORN rules and CLOUDS of misinformation. With my eyes closed, they are gone to me like a nudge of the central vacuum lever and the kitchen dust is sucked away. But for now, eyes open, no matter how COLORFUL I paint the handcuffs, they are still golden handcuffs.

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