Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 30 of 42

This piece was a very liberating experience. You just play with the colors and design and then fuse fuse fuse, which I love to do. It was so fun. My friend Anne Marie taught this technique on how to use Lutrador to make a forest landscape quilt. The Lutrador is kind of a thick stabilizer that you can fuse and sew the fabric onto. But you can also paint it, stitch it, and cut it into applique pieces. It's very slick and easy. I had so much fun crazy stitching all over this thing. I think it turned out to be very proportional and it was nice to try the organza for the path because I often avoid that fabric. It adds a great visual texture to the piece. I'm still planning to fill in all of the lower brush, ground cover and flowers.

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