Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 10 of 42

Kids say the darndest things! My son has reached the age of spelling everything. No longer can we, as adults, secretly spell something in a conversation so that he doesn't catch on. Now rather, we'll be having a heated debate about something adult and Gavin will interrupt and say, "Mom, Dad, stop it! You are scaring the D-O-G! (Its true that our great big dog gets worried when we argue, horse around or if anyone gets hurt and cries. He normally rings a bell to go outside, but he also rings the bell when he's stressed out. It's hilarious.) But back to spelling, Gavin also tries to impress us with spelling rather large words. He will study the milk carton carefully and then announce, "I know how to spell homogenized!" Then he'll read it out loud right off the carton. But we are no fools. The other day Gavin announced at breakfast, "I know how to spell Tropicana!" My husband launched at the orange juice carton and tucked it under his arm and said, "OK, spell it." Gav looked shocked and covered his mouth with his hand as if he was caught. Then he smiled his mischievous little smile and spelled it no problem. We were impressed and praised him, to which he replied, "Aw, it was nothing. I just rememberized it." Love that kid.

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