Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 8 of 42

Quick! Take a photo! My studio is momentarily spotless and perfectly organized until 5 minutes from now when I start sewing for the rest of the day. I had one more task which was to label my drawers. My husband pointed out (months ago) that I have green tape on all of my drawers with scribbled letters when I have a perfectly good labeller. But it has been sitting so long that the batteries need charging, so another day (or another month). Finally, all of the cleaning is done and now its time to play. I wanted to challenge myself to a little art quilt once a week and this week's idea was a piece inspired by my son's art. So I'm off to work on that and I'll also try to finish up a friend's baby quilt. Not sure if I could have gotten all of that accomplished today if I wasn't 100% fueled by chocolate, Happy Easter everyone.

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